Recommissioning Service

Boats, like cars, require annual servicing to highlight any areas that could fail in the near future and ensure they are kept running at peak performance. Most people would not leave a car for 6 months over winter, jump in and expect it to start...yet that is often the case with boats. Here at The Electric Boat Company we offer a simple flat fee service to re-commission your vessel for the coming season.

Our service includes:

  • - Transport from your mooring to our workshop
  • - Pressure wash of the hull and new antifoul coating
  • - Condition check of hull, propulsion system and fittings
  • - Diagnostics check of full electrical system
  • - Clean and polish of hull
  • - Clean of interior and fittings
  • - Battery condition check
  • - Return to your mooring

We have designed this service to offer a hassle free method to ensure your boat is in peak condition at the start of the season. For full peace of mind, any defects we find we will inform you of and discuss the best course of action for repair prior to any additional work being completed.

To book your re-commissioning simply get in touch today by any of the methods listed on the contact us page or call on 07792 400 870.

Please Note: Our recommissioning service is based on a flat fee for operational vessels up to 21 feet in length and moored within 90 minutes cruise of a suitable slipway. For larger boats, launches that don't currently run or are further from a suitable slipway we are very happy to quote, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.